A devoted mother and exceptional stylist, Michelle Anderson has proven that she can balance it all. Originally from East St. Louis, Illinois, Michelle grew her passion for hair styling when her grandmother called on her to roller-set four of her wigs. At that moment, and unbeknownst to Michelle, that simple task would ignite and propel her into a fruitful career which allows her to help other women, while giving her the freedom she needs to be a mother and wife. At age 20, she decided to get serious about her passion and enrolled in Precision Point’s School of Cosmetology. 

After receiving her cosmetology license in 2007, Michelle continued to build a formidable reputation regarding her expertise in multi-cultural styling and fashion-forward styles that demand attention. In 2012, she and her husband decided to relocate their family to Arizona. She obtained her license in Arizona and immediately began building a brand new clientele with some of Arizona’s elite. In 2018, Michelle decided to bolster her business by filling a void for many Arizonians — she stepped up to serve an exigent need when she developed a reliable edge control, now known as 'MichelleAndHair’s Edge Smoother'.  With just a few months in, Michelle’s new product has been a best seller amongst her local clients and even those in her hometown. Feeling the jovial energy which has been cultivated through her customer's supportive feedback, Michelle has also launched her hair-extension line which offers ravishing, yet, affordable hair for women of all cultural backgrounds. Michelle is a dedicated and talented woman who is nowhere near done with leaving her mark on the beauty industry — this is only her beginning.